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Rolex Datejust

First introduced in 1945, the Rolex DateJust has remained one of the most recognizable watches over the past several decades. It’s known as the modern prototype of the classic watch and has a versatile, timeless style that can be dressed up or down to wear anywhere. To cater to women with smaller wrist sizes, Rolex introduced the Lady-DateJust in 1957 that offered smaller sizes including 26 mm and 28 mm.

The DateJust was originally available only in 36 mm case diameters until 2009, when Rolex launched the DateJust II collection that offered 41 mm sizes. However, in 2016, Rolex also started releasing regular DateJust watches in 41 mm, commonly called DateJust 41. The release of the DateJust II and subsequent release of the DateJust 41 has brought up many questions in the watch world about the differences between the two models. The two models seem very similar off the surface, but here are some key differences:

  •  Metal choices – The DateJust 41 comes in more metal choices than the DateJust II does. While the DateJust II comes in either stainless steel or yellow Rolesor, the DateJust 41 offers additional choices such as Everose Rolesor and 18 carat yellow gold*.
  • Calibre – The DateJust II is fitted with Perpetual Calibre 3136, while the DateJust 41 boasts the more robust 3235 movement.
  • Power Reserve – With a more powerful calibre, DateJust 41 has a 70-hour power reserve that surpasses the DateJust II’s 48-hour power reserve.
  • Bracelet options – Bracelet choices for the DateJust 41 include the Oyster and Jubilee, while the DateJust II is offered with the Oyster bracelet only.
  • Hour Markers – The DateJust II offers a few more hour marker choices than the DateJust 41 does, such as Roman and Arabic markers. The DateJust 41 only offers the luminescent
  • Dials – The DateJust 41 offers a wider variety of dial configurations than the DateJust II.
  • Appearance – Although the two models look very similar at first glance, the DateJust 41 actually has a slimmer profile, which can be attributed to its thinner bezel, slimmer case, and more slender, tapered lugs. So even though both the DateJust 41 and DateJust II are the same size, the DateJust 41 seems smaller and lighter in appearance. *These differences in appearance may at least partly be the reason for the development of the DateJust 41. Though it offered a conveniently larger size and quality features, the DateJust II was not well-received by Rolex watch wearers because of its bulky look, which was due to its large hour markers and thick bezel..

Key Features

  • Perpetual Calibre 3235 (DJ 41) – Calibre 3235 is one of Rolex’s monumental new-generation movements that is protected under 14 patents. This movement boasts new features and technology that give it outstanding precision and durability. Among them is the Rolex-patented Chronergy escapement. Made of nickel and phosphorous, this escapement controls the motion of whe 
  • Perpetual Calibre 3136 (DJ II) – Calibre 3136 of the DateJust II is a self-winding perpetual movement with a 48-hour power reserve. It also possesses high shock and magnetic field resistance thanks to its Parachrom hairspring and Paraflex shock absorbers. The movement’s oscillator is fitted with Rolex’s blue Parachrom hairspring, a paramagnetic alloy balance spring that is resistant to magnetic interference and temperature fluctuations. This spring also maintains precision levels that are ten times that of regular hairsprings when exposed to shock. Also bolstering shock protection are Paraflex shock absorbers that shield the oscillator.  
  • Oyster Case – The sturdy Oyster case has been around since 1926 and holds the title of the first waterproof wristwatch case in the world. It provides water-resistance protection to depths of 100 metres (330 feet), which it owes to its solid 904L steel middle block that is fortified with a fluted hermetically screwed case back and a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal over the dial. Also on the front is a Cyclops magnifying lens on the crystal over the 3 o’clock date window for easy viewing.
  • Bracelets – The DateJust offers two choices for bracelets, both of which include the folding Oysterclasp and also the Easylink extension system that enables length extensions of 5 mm. 
    • Jubilee – The 5-link Jubilee bracelet was designed specifically for the DateJust and was also introduced with the watch in 1945. This bracelet is noted as one of the most comfortable watch bracelets among watch wearers, and its attachment to the case is hidden beneath the bezel for seamless flow in style. 
    • Oyster – Also available with the DateJust is the flat, three-piece link Oyster bracelet that has graced Rolex watches since the 1930s. This bracelet is also popular for its comfort and style versatility.
  • Twinlock Winding Crown – In addition to a water-resistant case, the DateJust also possesses a water-resistant crown. The winding crown is armed with a Twinlock waterproof system that allow it to be screwed down with watertight security. Behind this water-resistant protection are the system’s two sealed zones: one zone inside the crown’s tube and another inside of the crown itself. The Rolex Twinlock system has been around since 1926 and is installed on all Oyster collection watches with 100 metre (330 feet) water resistance.


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